About Us

Mission Statement

From the inception of the University of Dhaka, the Department of English has played a pivotal role in projecting the ethos of academic research and dissemination of knowledge that are the core values of the institution. Its mission has been to establish itself as the chief centre of English Studies in this part of the world. It aims to produce graduates who are highly skilled in the English language and who have absorbed the great tradition of writing in English, ranging from the classics of English and American literature to contemporary works that reflect the diversity of English in global contexts. The Department of English has constantly evolved to keep pace with developments in academic curriculums worldwide which reflect the crosscurrents of change in sociopolitical and theoretical perspectives. The Department also aligns to the growing demands of globalization to offer studies in applied linguistics and English language teaching, equipping students with modern day methods and techniques of teaching English. The Department responds to the core values of sustainable development goals, making vital contributions to upscale the English language education standards in Bangladesh. The current curriculum is interdisciplinary to an extent to accommodate the intersection of English studies with other fields of study and research such as gender, environment, media studies and information technology. The Department hopes that studying such a curriculum will equip its students with the skills and vision required to contribute productively in national and international arenas and to be confident and conscientious citizens of the world.


The overall vision of the English Department is to promote literacy—especially the ability to read, write, and think critically. The Department aspires to foster knowledge by offering a range of interdisciplinary courses, emphasizing literature, language, applied linguistics and ELT. From a wide array of texts, it encourages its students to learn and appreciate English literature and Language. It further influences students’ critical thinking, presentation and writing skills and makes them qualified workers of the nation. In addition, it develops within them a strong sense of identity, ethics and individuality to be dutiful citizens of the country.