About Us

Welcome to the Department of English!

Established in 1921, this 100-year-old department is one of the most popular departments in the Faculty of Arts. It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the mission of the department is to produce graduates who can handle the language effectively in their academic and professional world to advance themselves as well as the nation towards prosperity without losing the humanizing appeal of English Studies.

The quick links in the site will lead you to the notices, departmental publications and newsletters informing you of the flurry of activity happening in the department, and the primary links will enlighten you on the history of the department, its faculty profiles and its admission policies. You will be happy to discover it for yourself that the department is a close-knit community working shoulder to shoulder to excel in English studies in Bangladesh.

If you are scanning through the page as an undergraduate student, please do not miss this opportunity to apprise yourself of the books, booklets and syllabi available online, which will afford fascinating insights into what we do in the department. A few glances across the website will tell you that there is a lot more done here than just reading. If you take an interest in English literature and language, you will know that you will have to read across cultures, fine tune your critical judgment, contribute to dialogue and even debate on diverse range of issues as colonialism, power, race, gender, class etc, that will perhaps culminate a lifelong commitment to the cause of humanism.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our four-year undergraduate and one year masters programmes as well as MPhil and PhD programmes cater to produce some of the best education-leaders, academicians, critics, public intellectuals, civil servants of the country. Indeed, our teachers, students and alumni have always contributed to nation-building, national identity formation and human resources creation over decades all the way from the British India to the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation! Please also note that we try our best to fund with the help of our distinguished alumni to ease the financial crises of the students in need, stand beside to encourage them to face the multifarious challenges of tertiary level education and integrate them into the intellectual life of the country’s oldest and largest English department.

If you do not find what you have been looking for, please do not hesitate to communicate with us! Best regards.

Nevin Farida, PhD
Professor & Chairperson
Department of English
University of Dhaka