MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT Programme

The Masters in Applied Linguistics & ELT programme of the Department of English, University of Dhaka was introduced in 1987. This programme is designed after the graduate programmes of UK and US universities. It is comprehensive and has drawn on core courses of Applied Linguistics, Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and English language Teaching (ELT).

The programme is a combination of two strands – Applied Linguistics and ELT. The aims of the programme are two-fold:

  1. Providing learners with a general grounding in major theoretical concepts, principles, issues and current debates in Applied Linguistics and ELT.
  2. Enabling learners to link theory to practice.

Learners are provided with knowledge, opportunities and experiences which will enable them to develop as ELT professionals. The focus is on grooming autonomous learners who can take charge of their own learning. In addition, team building, leadership and critical thinking skills are nurtured. The goal is to prepare learners for effective teaching in a variety of national contexts and at all levels of education as well as to open up opportunities for the global job market.

General Objectives
The main objective of the programme is to develop knowledge and expertise required for the teaching of English as second/ foreign language at all levels of education. The programme aims to prepare the students to meet the demands of the present job market. We intend to develop students who can lead the country as teacher trainers, curriculum developers, syllabus and materials writers, evaluators, managers and education researchers.
The broad aim of the programme is to develop an understanding of key concepts and the theoretical framework that underpins the professional, academic and research literature that is relevant to the field of Applied Linguistics, Education, English Language Teaching and TESOL. In addition, the programme will help gain insights into a range of perspectives on the theory, policy and practice of ELT.