MA in English Literature Programme

The MA in English Literature programme at the Department of English, University of Dhaka is a comprehensive one-year programme aimed at enhancing our students’ knowledge of literature in global English.
The course builds upon the BA (Honours) in English Literature by moving beyond the Western canon to incorporate other literatures and introduces students to modern twentieth century and contemporary approaches to studying literature. Students will engage in independent literary analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective and will learn to engage with ongoing theoretical debates and discursive practices.
The programme equips students with the knowledge required to meet the high standards of academic research such as using professional journals and introduce students to online academic research. Students will learn to make appropriate use of the conventions of writing in literary studies and to refer accurately and appropriately to texts and sources. It also aims to foster the overall development of the students’ critical and intellectual faculties to allow them to develop their knowledge of literature and bolster their skills to review, research, write and publish papers of an international standard.

General Objective
To develop an awareness of the world-wide arena of literatures in English, the MA programme introduces students to a range of texts more expansive and multifaceted than the traditional canonical works. The texts are approached from a globalised point of view to formulate a liberal humanistic attitude in the students. The programme enhances cognitive, analytical, critical as well as linguistic skills of the students to prepare them to assume leadership in almost all areas of professional development to carry the nation forward and fulfil sustainable goals.